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We Engineer and Manage Projects for People Just Like You

Centralia Chehalis Fuller Designs New Building in Centralia Washington

Fuller Designs Engineering and Full Project Management

Fuller Designs & Engineering of Centralia, Chehalis, and SW Washington is a very successful company with projects spanning the length and breadth of Western Washington.  Fuller Designs & Engineering was originally created in 2018 by Aaron and Cassie Fuller to meet the commercial and residential Civil Engineering needs of their community.  The firm quickly outgrew their small office into the thriving Commercial and Residential services organization that it is today headquartered in a building they designed and built. 

The Road to Success is Always Under Construction


Fuller Designs & Engineering treats every customer and project like it was their own because they believe that all their clients deserve this level of attention and service.  When you hire Fuller Designs & Engineering, you are getting more than just civil engineering services and project management, you are hiring a partner for success.


We understand that getting started can often be the hardest part. Fuller Designs & Engineering will alleviate most of that stress whether you are trying to build your dream home or preparing to build a subdivision. Every project is different, but we will help get your project over the finish line.


We walk beside you at every step of the civil design and approval process.  Our experience and expertise allow us to stand behind our work.

Our Mission

We Strive to Engineer a Better World

We acknowledge that navigating the process of civil engineering, permitting, and applications is very complicated and comprehensive.  With our experience, work ethic, and attention to detail Fuller Designs & Engineering strives every day to engineer a better world one project and one customer at a time.


Fuller Designs & Engineering Events

Welcome to Fuller Designs & Engineering, your go-to for innovative civil engineering solutions. As a new and dynamic company, we are dedicated to providing top-quality services to our clients. Our team is passionate about our work and takes pride in making a positive impact on our community through our projects. Stay up to date with us to see how we are shaping the future of civil engineering.


Fuller Designs Grand Reopening

Lighted Tractor Parade Image.jpg

2023 Lighted Tractor Parade 

Below are Just a Few of the Jobs that Fuller Designs & Engineering has Been a Part Of:
  • Alpine Mini & RV Storage- Chehalis, WA

  • Camille Estates- Onalaska, WA

  • Cascade Trader Laydown Yard- Chehalis, WA

  • Castleberry Commercial- Chehalis, WA

  • Cedar Court Subdivision- Winlock, WA

  • Cemetery Rd Subdivision- Winlock, WA

  • Eagle Dance North Art Foundation- Sedona, AZ

  • El Rey Burro Restaurant- Yelm, WA

  • Fire Sculpture- Sedona, AZ

  • Grabajava Coffee Stand- Centralia, WA

  • Habein Rd McCallum Rock Drilling- Port of Chehalis, WA

  • Jackson Hwy Condos- Chehalis, WA

  • Kennicott Villas- Chehalis, WA

  • Lone Pine Medical Center- Chehalis, WA

  • Meyers Meadows Subdivision- Winlock, WA

  • National Ice Kiosk- Chehalis, WA

  • Northpark Warehouse- Port of Centralia, WA

  • Olympia Rotary Art Sculpture- Port of Olympia, WA

  • Rainbow Hill Mini Storage- Ethel, WA

  • Scenic Byway Storage- Salkum, WA

  • Shannon Lane Sewer System- Centralia, WA

  • South Street Storage- Centralia, WA

  • Tim’s Pharmacy- Yelm, WA

  • Washington Trucking School- Chehalis, WA

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